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The ever-living Ghost

One of my favorite things to do between 10 and 11pm is to ride.  Wined or sober I do this only a couple times a month, but it is always the most sensational.  This sounds so cliche, but I promise you, it is not.  Tearing through the streets as fast as you can.  Blinking LED.  Red light at your back.  Ever since I got my bicycle it has been no holds barred.  I ride multiple times per week during the day to the beach, but this is different.  Twenty miles running and more riding; I can't sit still... and I don't want to.  But when you ride at night, it's like you are in a different dimension.  Favorite album blaring and you can't even remember what set you off to ride.  Sitting on the porch or walking back from the grocery, sack packed full of granola bars, cereal, soda and wine.  It just hits you in the moment that you have to ride.  You have to, and you do.  Down Three Islands, sharp on Atlantic, sharp on Diplomat.  12th, the lake, random turns, down alleys, over the br…

Love like a sunset

Oh, I am getting old.  People tell me all the time.  Not that I am getting old, but that they are getting old, feel old, move old.  I feel pretty fabulous at my almost 28 year mark.  I am fabulous.  And I remind myself that these people just don't see and appreciate life the way life is meant to be appreciated.  I ride.  I run.  I swim and move and adapt to my surroundings.  It is a blessing to have the ability to move in a body that allows such an expression.  I'd never ask for anything else, otherwise.  One of my major goals in life is to move and keep moving, whatever that means.

I recently told a friend about my plans to move again.  To land an internship (crossing fingers) in Perth, Australia in Shark Bay with one of the labs at my university and work for 8 months molding my future into a golden sphere of hopeful goodness.  I don't know my exact plans, but she said, "I hope that Australia is something you're choosing for yourself and not to try to dissolve wit…