Love like a sunset

Oh, I am getting old.  People tell me all the time.  Not that I am getting old, but that they are getting old, feel old, move old.  I feel pretty fabulous at my almost 28 year mark.  I am fabulous.  And I remind myself that these people just don't see and appreciate life the way life is meant to be appreciated.  I ride.  I run.  I swim and move and adapt to my surroundings.  It is a blessing to have the ability to move in a body that allows such an expression.  I'd never ask for anything else, otherwise.  One of my major goals in life is to move and keep moving, whatever that means.

I recently told a friend about my plans to move again.  To land an internship (crossing fingers) in Perth, Australia in Shark Bay with one of the labs at my university and work for 8 months molding my future into a golden sphere of hopeful goodness.  I don't know my exact plans, but she said, "I hope that Australia is something you're choosing for yourself and not to try to dissolve with distance the pain caused by love."  I love her.  And she is exactly right in so many regards, but life is not about that kind of love, I feel.  It's about the love that is within ourselves and my love tells me to push, and keep pushing forward.  And since I have nothing else to hold me back, I will continue to pursue and pursue well.  For life is many things and many molded interpretations, but for me it is success in a form that holds personal interpretation in the form of desire and personal drive.  Something tells me that my time is soon to know.  To rest down pure on a dusty path with an inviting porch on a dusty trail.  A cup of tea and a faithful mutt in or underneath my hammock incased in a life with greatness.  Greatness.  My life is already so great.


Anonymous said…
I can hear Nick's voice in my head saying well Kim, you just think your soooo cool. And then he'd say, well shit, you are so cool :) I know you've endured some loss in the love department, however, you do not strike me as someone to be stagnant nor moving solely due to that loss. Maybe you hid your feelings well, or maybe I don't know you as well as I think I do, but as far as I can tell, you are driven because that is how you simply are. Sure you've been influenced and encouraged by family, friends, experiences, yada yada, but you really are an independent, adventurous fabulous person all on your own. You'll find that other half one day, but for now be selfish, be bold, be fabulous! Love love love, blah blah blah.

LB :)
Kimbrolynn said…
You're right. I've never moved around because of someone else. That would be preposterous, and extremely sacrificial. I've always made these choices in life for me; to better myself and become someone brilliant in my own regard. I love you guys. You've always supported me with everything I have done. And I know that you never take my life transitions personally, or have made me feel guilty for pursuing whatever new goals I create in life. You all say you live vicariously through me, but my hopes are that you recognize your capacity to do anything you set your hearts to. That is, in fact, the ultimate moral to the story. Thank you for always being supportive. No mater how far I stray, I will always love you. And, as you have found, I'm never really ever that far away. Love you forever and always.
Anonymous said…
Well I don't know about anyone else, but I sometimes do live vicariously through you. It's different when you are married and have to keep someone else's goals and dreams in mind. It's worth it though and I can definitely peruse my passions wherever I rest my head. You on the other hand can't exactly save and research the ocean from you're off. Off to new beautiful places that support your goals while feeding your soul.
That's the vicarious part, along with the blogging. If I blogged how boring would that be?! Today I went to work and ate a fantastic muffin...snooze! Anyways, the point is, you have exciting things to blog about and I quite enjoy your writing. You have rubbed off on me and I know if a new home should expose itself to Nick and I we would definitely go. HOPEFULLY one day :) Until then, my hopes are that you land this internship so that your blogger followers can go to the outback in their minds. Is that selfish? Haha, much luck to you lady love.

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