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Crude Intentions

Tell me if this sounds familiar: corporate giant buys way into small community/unprotected area; disseminates its practices onto powerless land and people; cuts corners, costs, and ignores/lacks regulation; neglects environmental practices, while continuously spreading thick layers of inhumane judgements that poison the living, breathing colonies they have infringed upon. They are liars, cheaters, and murders. And most of the time, no one can do anything about it. I am so sick of these people thinking they can do anything they choose in the name of profit; so sick of the money, the corruption, and this kind of abuse. It happens in China, Africa, Afghanistan, Europe, Columbia, the United States. Every country in the entire world has some form of this abuse from its own people. Our people.. And we let them and ourselves get away with it. Except for this woman...

"We are not held accountable by the law, such as to hinder our spirit through control. We are held accountable by…

Spring Tigers



From 2011 Paradise
A friendly reminder that I have composed a new 2011 photo album that will be added to for the remainder of the year; trying to limit photographs to favorites only. Wish me luck. Feels like a metaphor for all things 2011. This isn't the year where people say, things are going to be different and everything must go. No, it will be the same. But I feel myself moving forward. Hello month two. Hello starling, darling dear.

Do you ever feel like people enjoy reminding you of who you are? Reminding you of your faults and denials? What are the repercussions from this, and who does it hurt? Should I care? Impossible.

Currently, I am loving this. And not getting used to the idea of going to bed at 9pm three days a week for my 4:30am morning arousal.