Da Bomb

Remember the TOMS project I was telling you about? Last Friday my individually specialized TOMS arrived and ever since I have been wearing the 'ish out of them.

The TOMS that I choose, cordones in a rustic Kenyan strip fabric, are equipped with specially designed base padding that is form fitting to the user (i.e. me). I had never owned a pair of cordones before and have no prior experience as to how the shoe fits, but from my understanding, the soles of each TOMS are practically identical regardless of the style. In comparison to my vegan classics, thus far there is a subtle difference in the padding afoot, though more wear time needs to be had for further and more in-depth analysis.
In the meantime, if you are still interested in experiencing you're own specially designed and form fitting pair of TOMS, please refer to my original post with all of the project details and contact information. You can find this post here. There are certain guidelines for the project, all of which can be found at the above link. Stay tuned for further review and updated information of this continuing project.


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