The Truth

**updated June 26, 2010
I am completely disappointed. I posted the below video yesterday of a testimony from a Venice, Louisiana local who had inside access to all practices of BP officials at ground zero during the clean up. It was some of the most detailed, graphic, shocking information the world has had the privilege of hearing, and I really am rather appalled that it has been pulled from YouTube. I'll do my best to try and find it again.

** I've found the video from an alternate source. If it disappears again, stay tuned for my upcoming editorial.

This new information about the BP oil "spill" is not only shocking, it is so very sickening.

Monroe County is currently working on a constitutional ban of offshore drilling for the entire state of Florida. I have no doubt that it will pass, as ocean conditions will only begin to worsen overtime. If you agree with this proclamation, I ask you to visit to sign this petition.

I understand that many people think petitions are a waste of time; that nothing ever becomes of it, but I ask you... what else are you doing to have your voice heard? I've signed thousands of petitions in the past decade, at least. Some of the most noted ones have stopped the legalization of gray wolf slaughter, the prevention of oil drilling in the ANWR, and, most recently, the obstruction of the International Whaling Commission from reopening waters to legalized commercial whaling (just as of this past Wednesday). If you believe that the benefits of offshore drilling outweigh the consequences, then that is fine too. But if you love our oceans, there is still much work to be done.


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