Those sorry devils

The following blog is in reference to the Russia-Georgia (most recently recognized by Russia as South Ossetia and Abkhazia) conflict:

I was not as particularly alarmed yesterday after hearing that the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev stated he was not afraid of the prospects of a "new Cold War," though he assured listeners that actions to initiate one were not currently on his agenda. But after reading this article today, I must say that I am quite perplexed and a little concerned. I understand that the "Big Bad United States" finds it necessary to push around their power clout in the name of delusionally-feverish idiocracy democracy, but to deliver humanitarian aid to Georgia upon the U.S. missile destroyer, USS McFaul into Batumi, is a little fucking sour. What the hell is wrong with you, Washington? A battleship?!?  President Medvedev is not dumb, and he apparently is not afraid of anything either. Robert Gates is just asking to get us smashed.

Something, also, to keep in mind is that prior to the Russia-Georgia conflict, the US and Poland were in the works of establishing a new missile defense system.  This deal was recently signed last week, August 20, 2008, anchoring the construction of 10 missile defense interceptors that will be placed 180 kilometers from the Russian border. Not surprisingly, the US denies any initial threat towards Russia and their nuclear arsenal. Claiming that this is merely a "peace-keeping" mechanism established in order to retain the friendship between the United States and Poland. Hmm... and I'd also like to add that it is an efficient device of hard power enticement--used in order to piss the shit out of Russia. Politics is very backhanded; I'd love to see the rest of the world take notes from Great Britain's parliament and give being rawly honest a go.  It might sound something like this:

"Hey Commies! This is the United States speaking. Hahaha! We're pointing more bloody missiles at you! What are you wankers going to do about it?"

"Hey Red, White, and Boobs! This is Darth Vader speaking, you big bunch of bullocks! Suck on this missile betch, and jog the f*&#$ off!"

How many chances do you really think the US will have to continually step on President Medvedev's steel toe boots before he decides to stomp some US face?

This whole scenario makes me extremely uncomfortable. The US basically just opened a can of worms; sending an unintentional (perhaps) message to other powerful, missile-bearing nations that it is ok to point missiles at each other in the name of self-defense--which could be for any number of reasons. Granted, this already happens, but not quite so blatantly out in the open. *Ahem*... Iran... um, hi.

I'm not going to deny it--it all makes me a little squeamish.


er!ca said…
Hey, at least you'll be out of the country when Russia points their bloody missiles at us and blows us to smithereens!! Good for you!
Kimbrolynn said…
You should already know that their missiles already are pointing at us... Wright Patterson, especially.
er!ca said…
Yes, but they have not yet blown us to smithereens!
Kimbrolynn said…

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I had to say it too.
er!ca said…

It's a fun word ;-)

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