Simple and Beautiful

JANUARY 6, 2009

I went into town yesterday for a break. I didn't tell anyone that I did so that I could cut my compy time, but Sarah met up with me later. I was only on for about an hour and ten, checking email, checking facebook. I keep forgetting to check one of my email accounts. My mom has hardly written, which surprises me. I think maybe she would rather talk to me on the phone. I've completely avoided getting a phone card here. I'm not opening that can of worms.

After the internet, I picked a few things to take back to Japan. There aren't many suveneirs here in this remote town, so I picked up local food items. Alec was going to bring us PRETOMA shirts from San José, but has not done so yet. I also checked on other food items I would like to get for my parents, Jeff and Heather. These include things like Guava jellies, Salsa Lizano, habanero and jalapeño sauce, coconut bars, plantain chips. Not sure what else; I am so limited with space, weight and money. I wish that I could ship it all home, but it would never get there. Remember what I said about the CR postal service?

We got a ride back to one point and stopped to talk with Billy and Mindy. They have all sorts of fruit trees growing in their yard. Their house is simple and beautiful. Lots of handmade objects and art, and Billy has woodworked much of the space.

The rest of the day was pretty mellow. I ate cereal with powdered milk and felt fine. I also ate something fried later and felt ok, too. Not sure what that means, but I am going to run with it.

Ah, yes. I also got a new notebook yesterday. This will be my 4th. It is hard to think of all of the writing I have done while I am here. Not sure if I'll ever want to go back and read four notebooks. Maybe on the flights home, but I think I would rather check them in my luggage.
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