JANUARY 1, 2009

It's 2009. I wish that I could be spending this day with my mom.

Alec brought us chickens again. This time, they were frozen. There is a straggler staying with us now from New Orleans. He's 75 (or so), dislikes America, and is biking across CR for 6 months to explore the country and find a new place to settle down. He made us jambalaya for dinner, that I don't think is very jambalaya'y, but respect to him.

I don't forsee myself writing much in the next two'ish weeks. Paper is low and the excitement here has mostly vanished from everyone.

Crepes this morning. Bring in the New Year. I have mine with Nutella. Resolutionless. Once a year resolutions are for those who need a day just to get their lives straight. We should always be so conscious.
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