With clay comes shape

ADD, ADHD, burn victims, the deaf, MS, the blind, OCD, obese, acrophobics, irrationals, internationals.

These are just a few of the types of people that I have worked with in my short time at camp. They have been challenges of mine; growing experiences. But I have to think of the hundreds of people that I have came across who have touched a part of me, given me something special to take home, and the gifts that I have shared with them. Through my exhaustingly long days, plowing through the mud and rain, sweat pouring from the brow, lacking a chance to sit down, or feed my rumbling stomach. Somehow, here I am making a difference. Aiding my thoughtful co-workers in our joint effort to protect and teach. Touching souls, saving lives, creating memories. This I must take away. This I must remember.

Never had I thought that being who I am, working at such a place would teach me so much about myself and others. Given me the ability to socially and physically adapt and connect. I am grateful for the things I can take away. For the faces I won't forget. The positive outcomes I have created and molded with the love and attention given to those in need. I am your strength. Your reminder that you can do this; we can do this together.


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