A little more than a month ago I wrote a disgruntled plea-blog expressing my dissatisfaction with Nike and their seemingly inadequate products. And so, two weeks ago I made two separate claims to Nike regarding one broken Imara Strive Women's Running Watch, and one pair of prematurely sheared Zoom Victory Trainers in hopes that some kind of justice could be recompensed. Almost exactly a week after submitting my claims, I received a tiny package in the mail that, to my surprise, possessed one brand new Imara Strive Women's Running Watch. Since then I have had a new found respect for the company that has truthfully and astonishingly stood by their two-year product returns and replacements terms of service. But wait. It gets better. I returned home today to find in my mailbox a $100 gift voucher in compensation for my tattered shoes to be used on anything my heart desires at the store. And wouldn't you know that I already had a list waiting on my desk for a few pieces of gear to pick up today at Dick's SG after my return from the gym. Guess Nike has a way of keeping you in the loop, and I think that I am ok with that as long as they keep doing me right in the end. Thanks, Nike.


er!ca said…
Glad to hear it. I'll admit, my heart was crushed upon hearing about your dissatisfaction with them. I've always been a fan. Or, maybe more of a naive and hopeful supporter of the work they do around the world, which perhaps clouded my perception of their workings as an actual profit-earning corporation....

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