First Impressions


WAVE CREATION 11 - This is what 400 miles of pavement slapping does to a really good pair of running shoes. This, too. Oh, and this.

For a slight under-pronator with high arches, it has always been a challenge finding comfortable running shoes. And with running shoes being so expensive, it's never really been an enjoyable task. Typically, it would cost me about $100 for the shoes, plus an additional $20-30 for arch support inserts. It always seemed like a worthwhile price for a hobby that has taken me pretty far in fitness and ability, and since the open road is always readily available, it's kept me from wasting my money on workout facilities filled with prudish and uncommitted New Years resolutioners. Then, last year I came across Mizuno's Wave Creation 10 that fit my arches like a dream. They had a neutral base to help with pronation, and lots of cushion for my sometimes heavy stride. They were the first running shoe that I ever found that fit my feet so perfectly. And once I ran those to bits, I upgraded to the Wave Creation 11, and never looked back.

Again, it was time for a new set and since Mizuno had yet to release a version 12, I opted to find the same 11s at better price. And sure enough, I was able to find them at an amazing price from ZB (Zanzabar Bazaar) Sports. Typically, I would never care where I got my running shoes, as long as they were legit, and exactly what I expected. But I have to give credit to ZB, because what I discovered was that they donate a percentage of all of their net profits to animal, environmental, and health research organizations. Not to mention that I found my shoes for $50 cheaper, and that they also price match. Always a sucker for a cause and a great deal--a statement that will be a nice transition for my next, upcoming blogspot.


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