Gear companies are not created equal

But I don't wanna pay $140 for running shoes!
Who the $%*@ wants to pay $300 a year for two pairs of shoes?
The athletic shoe companies are reaming their most reliable customers!
Is this the price I have to pay for having an athletic hobby?

This is me throwing a tantrum. I am tired of watching the price of gear increase, and to what means? It cost pennies to construct a pair of shoes, plus a little more for the engineers, but come on. I am not stupid. You're gear is not worth a 50% inflation just because people are suddenly deciding to get off their ass and exercise (good for you, by the way).

It's been 5 months since my last purchase and I am already at mile 328. There isn't much left in'em as I have already begun to experience the breakdown/compression in the structure of shoes. Not because they are poorly designed shoes. In fact, they are fantastic shoes. My favorite thus far. I even bought two pairs of the same model last year because I loved them so much. But it would be wonderful if I could get twice the mileage to compensate for the 50% price hike. Gear companies, listen up. We don't want to pay a $%*@ton of money on gear that we use a lot... who does? Give us a break! We know you raised prices to convince new runners into the game that expensive shoes are made with better technology. But we've been running a long time. We are not naive.

A few weeks ago I started running periodically with a running group of older men all between the ages of 40-70. There is one guy in particular that I run with that has to be in his 70s. On average, he runs 80 miles a week, and most of the guys run a 5 minute mile on a great day. It is absolutely outstanding to experience such vigor. Many of these men are retired, single and carefree; maybe even a little off their rocker. But they are the funniest group of old guys I know and they could whoop me in a distance race any day of the week. I have great respect for them. Dedicated to their cause. One guy is back running a week after having splints put in. Another guy had a heart attack and was advised to not run until further notice. He was back out that same week against doctors orders. Do you see what I mean about crazy? But they have secrets they have let me in on like a little magic pill called glucosamine chondroitin (joint lubricant, and cartilage rebuilding), and others I will keep to myself. Their spirit is alive and well, and their mileage is proof of this. But, damn... can you imagine how much they spend on shoes? I shutter to think.


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