Completely Random

I realized today that I can only work 3 seasons of the year. This means that summers would be taken off so that I could avoid wearing clothes in the heat and could happily spend every day in my most favorite ways; in the water, sand, on the pavement, and through lens. I've also realized that I would never be able to spend everyday at the beach for any prolonged period of time, but 3 months is nice with the break up from a 3 week job at FIU, opportunities for field work/volunteering in the Bahamas, and the two weeks before school starts where I realize summer flew by despite the occasional antsy day where I wanted to be doing certain kinds of work rather than nothing at all in the heat. There is definitely a balance to everything. I also realized that--despite my enjoyment with the time I spend alone doing school work, listening to music, running and sitting on benches and cozy little tables under trees--I very much need 1-2 nights a week where I can drink whatever I want in whatever quantity and spend the later part of the evening/early morning completely by myself underheadphones, quietly laughing at the ways I lip-sink to certain songs, visually recapping the evening with the different characters met, and how retarded I act sometimes, before my body insists on going to bed and there was plenty that happened in the day to compensate for the next few hours of sinking into fluff. I am 27. I am not an adult. And I am completely fine doing whatever I want, whenever I want to...

Hello April.

Now I am going to post this and enjoy tomorrow for what it is :)


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