Day 45

DECEMBER 29, 2008

I haven't written in a little bit. Nothing has been going on, and today mostly isn't any different. I have the day off. The past two nights have been doubles, so that very well could have been the culprit.

Someone fishing just 200m from here caught a juvenile bull shark. It's such a shame, because now it's laying on the beach dead. We have a fellow PRETOMAite that arrived here from the San José office. He went out and measured it and collected some data. He's originally from Spain. His name is Miguel. Maybe Spain is the place for me to learn Spanish.

Simona, the girl that showed me how to make woven wax cord bracelets has gone. She left spools of wax cord for us use. I've made three bracelets and now I am working on a necklace that I would like to weave a shell into. Gifts.
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