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DECEMBER 26, 2008

Patrol this morning was 3-6am. It was Margarita and I tonight. There are only 2 things I dislike about patrol. One is soft, slopped sand that is hell to walk 3 hours in. Two, is people who walk really slow. We went north and north is 2k down, 2k back, times 2 (x2). At normal speed it takes 30 minutes per 2k. We extend the patrol to 45 minutes by taking the 15 minute break between each 2k so as to be sure to take advantage of the full 3 hour patrol. If we come across a female turtle, some breaks may become eliminated to keep time. So it took us 50 minutes to walk one 2k this time, and we came across one turtle at the end of the first 2k. Ok, fine. That was at 3:50am, but we didn't get back to camp until 4:45am. That was only a 4k pass and we still had 4k to go before 6am. So I was tired of walking painfully slow and I had the backpack and the nest on my back, so I decided to walk the normal speed the last 300m of the 1st 4k pass so that I could hurry up and get it relocated into the hatchery before the next 4k. I finished and waited for Margarita to come back from the bathroom. She did and sat across the table from me. "Quieres ir?--Do you want to go? "No quiero ir."--I don't want to go. I was relieved. So relieved that I decided to run the last half kilometer and got back by 5:30am.

I don't know if she was ill, injured, or tired because we're not great with communicating with each other. I know that she had doubles tonight and when she was up doing her first patrol she only did one pass. Of course I care about her and I hope that she is ok. I just wish that she could tell me what was wrong and that I could understand.

I just emptied the organic waste bucket from the kitchen. Way worse then exhumations. This is where we put all of our compost from cooking--egg shells, veggie peelings, onion skins, fish bones. There were maggots twice as big as the ones we find in exhumations, along with fruit flies, regular flies, and horse flies, ants, toxic black scum that was likely a mixture of poo and decomposition. The eggs shells were still in there.

Breakfast is locked and loaded. I am making herb hashbrowns, fried basil tomatoes (I wish they were green), and scrambled eggs. I'll test it all to see how it tastes, but I won't be able to eat any of it. Yesterday Chris made fried cheese and I did eat some of that with medicine and a walk. Everything seemed ok, but yesterday was a dairy overload of crepes and Nutella, the fried cheese, cake and ice cream, some chocolate covered almonds... hey... it was Christmas.

Now I'm cooking dinner: eggplant pasta with soy protein, red peppers, onion, and garlic. I'm going to simmer the veggies in the sauce so I don't have to cook anything in oil.

Nothing too interesting going on. Patrol in 2 hours. I need sleep. Tomorrow one of our camp guests from Russia is going to show me how to make a woven wax cord bracelet.
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