Christmas Eve

DECEMBER 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve!

I had MGMT in my head until Joel put on some Citizen Cope. This makes me extremely happy. He also made me pancakes sans milk, which is so kind. I decided to put pb&j on them since the syrup is almost gone. I think that Joel and Chris should have the last little bit. Aunt Jemima. Simple Joys.

There was a group that came here a few days ago to visit and they donated $150, plus all kinds of special foods. Really, really kind of them during this time of year. We had power bars, Nutella, granola bars, honey, coffee, peanut butter. A bunch of sugar to keep us a wreck. We are so addicted.

Alan's brother, Christian has packed up his things to hit the road soon and he has left his ipod out so that I can pick through his music. Finally, no more Jack Johnson and I can listen to some Ray LaMontagne, The Avett Brothers, The Decemberists, Spoon, and Johnny Cash. This is probably the only opportunity I will have.

I am almost finished with Into the Wild. I do not have much to comment on, except that the story seems entirely based on the psycho analyzation of Chris McCandless a.k.a. "Alex Supertramp". It really portrays him in a much different light than that of the film. In the film, we feel inspired and motivated by his vigor and childlike perspective on life. In the novel, I feel like "Alex Supertramp's" mental complex is skewed, where his impulses remain unlogical and reckless. I prefer the film.

[Notebook #3]
I hope that in 22 days I can manage to fill most of this notebook without going over. Everyone else is back in town now. Natalia, Margarita, myself, and an another unknown traveler that is camping out in our domain, have returned back from picking up our weekly veggies. Alan and Christian are surfing. I am unjustifiably agitated due to the inept bodies that move about. I just finished Into the Wild for real this time and had a little time to think. The guy travels across the West for nearly two years, mingling along the way with many compassionate souls. He kept in contact with only 3, sometimes 4 of them throughout his journey. Never once contacting his family back home. He wanted to prove that he could make it on his own in the wilderness without creating anchors and ties along the way that might emotionally hold him in place. He wasn't a loner by any means. A hard-working kid that gave back everything he had to offer. How it was so easy for him to walk away from so many souls and places baffles me, but I guess I can relate some when I left all that I loved for a life in Japan. It especially applies towards my journey here as I came for a simple life, to discover new things, while forgetting old things from back home. Our reasons parallel in that we sought happiness in the cleansing of extreme change. If I found myself an unsettled soul here, I too would not be done searching; I am not done. For that, I thank this place for showing me at least where I am happiest at this stage in my life, for my abilities have construed life possibilities and things have either not felt lasting or infinitely long in unpleasant ways. It is will that makes life possible. Without it, battles cannot be won, decisions cannot be concluded, and ideas cannot be invented (or sometimes reinvented). It is will that drives us; guides us, and brings us home.
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_erica said…
I love looking back at the things you were thinking/feeling back then and making connections to where you are now. So cool seeing how this has all guided you to who/where you are today.
Kimbrolynn said…
It's been very interesting for me, as well. It's been hard for me to write and admit certain things I wrote back then, because I do not have a lot of the same beliefs now. My favorite parts are the ones where I talk about the things I want to do in the future, which I don't even remember writing, to go on and do those exact same things like promised. The connections my life has weaved are uncanny. I used to have such a gift.

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