My old Japanese lady

DECEMBER 14, 2008

Today we all enjoyed the low tide once again and took upon our own activities in the surf. Joel and Alan carved a spear from a stick and attempted to spearfish creatures too small to eat. Margarita snorkeled in the calm water, picking up sea urchins and exploring small coves. I didn't have any gear, so I played with my old Japanese lady, Maggie and took photographs in sepia.

There was this planet in the west that was exceptionally bright tonight. The brightest thing in the sky since the moon had not yet risen.

I had lots of things on my mind tonight while walking along the sand. Moving back to the states and finding a new home together, traveling across the country with our stuff loaded tight. I thought about Makita (my cat) and how much I miss her. About needing new shoes before I get to Japan because the ones I brought have serious holes and I can't wear sandals back to wintery Osaka. About getting my flights changed and staying in Costa Rica longer to travel after I am done here at Playa Caletas. Traveling back to Alajuela. How tomorrow is the halfway point of me being here and I'm not sure if I should celebrate or sulk. I don't feel a part of the group. Especially today. I just wanted to disappear. Maybe I needed to for a few, you know? Initially I wanted to go home because the work was intense and I was so sleep deprived. Now that none of that applies, I still feel some innate need to either go home or belong. Maybe I am too sensitive. Argumentative. Quiet. I can't always relate to what is being talked about, or am sometimes pushed too easily. I am uneasy. I must really be searching for something. I am so in transition. How to be around people who don't care about you? It's a new tune to an old song.
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