Eerie predictions

DECEMBER 27, 2008

I think that the next thing I want to do is work with kids--high schoolers, preferably. I was talking with Sarah as we walked back from the bar about the kinds of activities she does with her kids. I do like the camp setting, but I don't want to necessarily dedicate 24/7 of my time to it. She camps with her students, teaching them ecology for a week at a time. Then she gets a few days off back in her own living quarters. I want to be at some recreational camp, teaching kids ecology, hiking, kayaking, climbing, horses, etc. But at the end of each day, I want to travel home. She also suggested working on Native American reservations out West. There are many, many reservation out West, including ones near Salt Lake. Though there are also many alcoholics.

I can't wait to do whatever is next. NGO campaigning in CA, marine conservation and ecotourism in Hawaii, recreational/wildlife education in the mountains. Bring it.
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