Life in excess

DECEMBER 17, 2008
"The world has its ways to quiet us down..."
It's 12:54am and I am waiting for my 2am patrol. I got up at 11pm to check the hatchery, added some corrals on a few nests that are due soon, collected babies, walked them down 8 sectors to sector 12. I tried to get Maggie to go with me, but she disappeared somewhere. Alan made this fabulous coconut rice pudding, but there is milk in it. It's so delicious. I'll have to find a recipe at home to make it with soy. There was only a few spoonfuls left for me to try, so dinner was oatmeal and some crackers. It's probably best that way, but I've eaten far too much oatmeal between yesterday and today. Everything in "excess". It's about time I worked on that--like not eating everything in sight unnecessarily--which is probably due to the strange hours of awake and sleep. Like last night I went to bed at 7pm, now up from 11pm to probably 5am, where I then might try and catch a few more z's. But the inconsistency constantly just makes you feel like you are starving. I've also been collecting far too many shells and rocks; I'm already sick of them. Maybe it will make it easier for me to leave them behind come January.

Come on patrol... 45 more minutes. I can't lay back down because then I'll be groggy and hot. But I already walked to sector 12 and back and saw nothing. Sometimes I wish that we didn't have to walk N twice, but there have been times where we didn't, like when the tide was too high/low or the sun was about to rise. When the tide is too low, there are too many large rocks that block access to the beach, not allowing a mother to make her way to shore. And the sun rising would be a deterrent because most turtles prefer to lay at night.

I need to find my cousin. It is really bothering me, and has for the past 4 years. I dreamed about their house last night, but mom and dad were there making a special dinner for me. There was another girl there, too that was not her or me, and a boy that was not Jeff. But my cousin had clothes there that were mine that I went into her room to collect. I wonder if she thinks of us. I feel such a void. But we are all human. This should be shared. Our lives should be shared. Voices. Hearts.

I just finished eating plantain pancakes for lunch. The plantains were sliced and layered into the batter. I much like plantains raw, better. These pancakes were nothing like my favorite banana pancakes. I even tried sprinkling them with cinnamon. They were heavy and not sweet, and tasted like flour and oil. But how can I complain. I live in a camp.

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men."
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