Day 20

DECEMBER 5, 2008

Before I know it, I am going to be on a train back home, wondering how everyone else is feeling, and coping. Coping? Yeah, maybe. Some of us will be going home for the first time in months; seeing our parents, our loved ones. Some of us have been running for a long time, and are going home to make things right. What will my thoughts be on that train--Gratitude? Fear? Staring out the window while large and small traditions go whizzing by. I know I'll have wholesome thoughts of the things that I missed. I hear my theme song, already, "Run in the Front." I hope it'll feel like the time for a new life. I hope I'll have gained confidence in my abilities. I want to move slow; take things slow. I am in no hurry to make wrong, or be impulsive. Not that it's not destined to happen along the way, but I don't feel like I've made any wrong just yet. I don't think you necessarily need time to make the right choices. I think we have a pretty good idea all along what it is that we want and want to do with ourselves. It's not the things around us that need to fall into place. It's the things inside of us and their importance; giving ourselves a chance. I don't know why it always seems so hard. It really shouldn't be such a battle. Due time.
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