Music and resolution

DECEMBER 19, 2008

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."--NELSON MANDELA
The thought of music has been on my mind. Iron & Wine is playing now. I think about purchasing this particular album so that I may return home listening to Iron & Wine in a new light, unlike before my arrival to CR. It's a strange feeling I have today. Now that I am here, it feels like things that are apart of me must die here; must be left for this preservation of this experience. Encapsulated in all of the nothingness that defines this. The things that I long for, that are missing, want vs. need. Maybe I need to remember how to relive. Music is powerful like that.

Music has been a crazy thing for me this year. I guess it's always been. This was an emotional year. I feel like I ran towards the same things over and over again, dismantling special pieces and artificial passions. Sadie G & "Radio" turned to Ray LaMontagne, turned to Iron & Wine, and Seabear, turned to Bon Iver, Vetiver, and Fleet Foxes. Old to New. New to Old. But it is all of the same conclusion.
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