Surf's up

NOVEMBER 26, 2008

This morning Sarah, Chris and I walked to the bar to pick up our order of weekly vegetable that we ordered on Monday. We had to take the sandy, then dusty road, over someone's fence, through the cornfield, and then through the tall grass to the jungle to Playa Coyote. We had virgin piña coladas while we rested. I tended to a gashed open toe that I cut on a slick rock on the way there; munched on bbq corn chips, and watched animal rescues in Africa on the tube.

After I returned, I planned on giving my knee a break and laying around in the hammock, but decided to do dishes instead and took some turtles down the beach. Now I am in and out of cooking lunch. It's 5:37pm. It was Alan's meal really, but he's upset because his surfboard was stolen and he's not really talking much to anyone at the moment. So I cut up two onions, red pepper, tomato and sautéed them. He finally came back to add some mixed veggies to the beans, and I guess fry up some plantains... bleh...
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