Learning in threes

NOVEMBER 30, 2008

Finally, my day off! It's been a week and half. Yes, I was keeping track. Last night during my first patrol it started lightening really badly, so we decided to only go down the beach once. On our second patrol it was pouring rain and we only went once then, too. Plus, since I was doing doubles, no hatchery. Guess I got a bit of a break. We also saw the biggest toad I have ever seen in the kitchen last night. He was escaping the rain, too. So that makes one huge cockroach, toad, and box turtle yesterday.

It is raining a lot, again today. I have to do the hatchery this afternoon with Margarita, and do some cooking. She is, by far the better cook being from Columbia and all. I am learning, though. I have beans soaking for dinner later, and lunch will probably contain rice. I wanted to lay out a bit today, and I tried to this morning, but the rain has been sporadic; the sun, even more so.

I am spotting today (the past two days, actually) and I am not sure why. The only thing that I can assume is stress. Our diet here is so-so. I think I am getting all of the nutrients I need, but I forgot to bring a multi-vitamin. Diet and stress are typically the main two factors. It's bizarre.

I wish that I spoke more Spanish. It's been difficult to communicate with Margarita and I really wish that I could. Our conversations never go past two or three first grade-level sentences and then the conversation dies. I was looking through my Spanish-English dictionary and it had all of the conjugations, but I can't entirely remember when to use them. I really need to take some classes, and/or live some place down South to be emerged. Some point in my life.

Almost day 16. I could write in here all day even though I am running out of pages.
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_erica said…
You're living down south now :)
Kimbrolynn said…
I am a woman of my word :)
_erica said…
How's the Spanish??
Kimbrolynn said…
I speak it every day, even if it's only a few words. From a language perspective, working and living in Miami has been wonderful practice.

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