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NOVEMBER 27, 2008

I just got back from my 3-6am patrol; chomping on some leftovers that I made last night for dinner--spaghetti w/onions, garlic, chickpeas, curry, and an olive oil packet for flavoring. Also this salsa stuff that reminds me of skyline chili (Salsa Lizano). I think that it's ok, but I'll eat anything that isn't repulsive at this point. I was irritated about dinner last night. Alan did not even get up to help and there is still a pile of dirty dishes. I'll clean the bowls for this morning's breakfast, but he can do the rest. I have hatchery duty at 7am and depending on if there are any releases, Sarah and I are heading to town to use the internet and bake a pie for tonight's Thanksgiving "feast".

Thanksgiving dinner was a success! Alec cooked 3 small hens, while Sarah, Chris and I made mashed sweet yuccas, mashed potatoes, stuffing, an apple pie and a squash pie! I know that sounds odd, but with all the appropriate spices, the squash pie tasted just like a pumpkin pie, if not better. We only had a short bit of time to use the internet, so I took full advantage of contacting everyone that I could to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. I honestly can't believe how successful our Thanksgiving dinner turned out to be. We used Alec's kitchen, which has hardly any appliances, dishware, utencils, essentials. It's amazing how well we managed. Chris sliced his finger up pretty good while cutting the firm squash. It was a pretty deep cut and we thought he might need to go to the hospital for stitches. The closest hospital is over three hours away and no one was looking forward to that drive and then back. Chris decided he would be ok and we bandaged it up really well, but I am still concerned since we don't live in even slightly sanitary conditions.

A beautiful tree on the way into town
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Anonymous said…
this Alan guy is starting to get on my nerves...hehe :)

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