Dead tired

NOVEMBER 19, 2008

Some of the rewarding benefits to doing this are the continuous sounds of the ocean--perfect for any time of the day when you are catching up on sleep. Seeing the sunset into the Pacific everyday is also an amazing added bonus. I am waiting for a sunset in a perfectly clear sky, or a sunrise while still out on patrol.

I wrote that after a night of two, 3 hour patrols (so, 6 hours) at a total distance of 14k. I was able to enjoy the sunset right before my first patrol, and then see the sunrise by the end of the second patrol. I was so exhausted. We had to come back and bury 2 nests and then I crashed from 6:30-7am, checked the hatchery at 7, back to bed until 8, checked the hatchery again before Sarah told me to go to bed for real. I certainly did until 10am.

Today I had to walk about 4k to retrieve the measuring tape that I had accidentally forgotten on the beach during second patrol. It was nice, though because I found 5 sand dollars. I can't wait to get home and divvy up shells for people.

Today is my day off patrol, but I had to cook with Chris and check the hatchery. Someone took care of breakfast for me because I was dead tired, but for lunch I wanted to make beans and rice with corn, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, and avocado. Chris actually made it and I cut up the vegetables. I also released several hatchlings that had hatched during lunch time in the hatchery. I thought about keeping track of what I did each day, but there is no reason to... all we do is work, sleep, eat, read, swim, and walk the beach. I did tag one female last night. I messed up on the first one, again and had to put another one it. It's difficult to do because you have to use these special pliers and must squeeze the handles together with great force until you hear a 'click'. I saved the used one as a keepsake, maybe to make into a necklace of some sort.

I still cannot believe that I am here. I have accepted this responsibility whole heartedly. I keep dreaming about coming home, but for now I am going to enjoy this sunset and stop bothering with these mosquitos.

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_erica said…
This is one of my favorite photos of you. It captures you so perfectly :)

P.S. Did you ever make that necklace?
Kimbrolynn said…
No I didn't, but it was one of few sentimental items I brought with me to Miami. It's one of those things I will carry with me wherever I move. I really should do something with it. Maybe Lindsey can help...

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