My mom and I were at some old country park tavern, and she was waiting on something (my dad?), to have lunch. I told her I'd meet her there to give her $10 so she could get my dad a birthday present for me. He wanted strawberry chocolate covered almonds; my dad lacked all health knowledge, and ate too much fat as it was. I felt a little disgusted about it; judgmental as usual about everything everyone else was putting into their bodies.

I apologized to my mom for forgetting, after all, she had only reminded me 5 minutes before as I pulled into the parking lot; it was the only reason I was meeting here there. I walked right up without my wallet. I remember walking up to her knowing I needed something... money? 'Oh crap' I thought. She said it was ok; to give it to her later. I was used to it; always letting everyone down and being so forgetful. She had a bundle of kites on her back that were a gift from my dad for her Birthday (her Birthday too?? It must have been January, because my dad's is in February... (oh crap for real; I completely forgot that it's this Sunday.) It was awfully beautiful for January, and warm. I was supposed to meet Erica in the part and a kite was absolutely perfect.

I arrived, video camera in hand so that I could capture the experience for you. I wanted you to see everything. The clouds were poofed separately like cotton balls, each a different color - red, blue, purple, green, orange. It was brilliant; I'd never seen anything like it. I was totally at peace running around that field. Someone asked me for something... the kite? Haha, I was running around the field absorbed in taking video of the clouds for you and the kite wasn't even in the air yet. "It's in the car. Wait, you need my keys!"

Suddenly I needed to be home to get ready. I promised Erica we'd get dinner at a certain time at that tavern where my parent's ate and I'd get my dad those chocolates. On the way home I stopped off at two places. A girl was talking about the guy with dreads behind the counter because someone was asking about how to do some knots, and I was standing there in the mirror trying to do some unique, knotted things I always wanted to do, no idea what I was doing really... I couldn't get the knot either and abandoned the project. I thought about asking, but that was one grumpy-ass head shop.

As I was leaving I saw a sign 'Paper Rival 7:00PM' 'Holy shit! Paper Rival is playing in Lebanon!' I was jumping around inside, so psyched. I stared at the sign for at least a minute because I was afraid I was going to forget. I didn't think I could make that time. It was the thought that counted, right? And before I knew it I was onto some greasy food-pit and saw another sign, 'Paper Rival 19:45' 19:45... 7:45... somehow that seemed more realistic. Military time always seems more realistic. And then I was home, racing through my house, late as ever to meet Erica that evening. The clocks said 1pm... no way. My mom yells out from the deck in the back "Will you look at the menu for us; we haven't been there in awhile." 'I thought that's where they just were!' Panicked to get going, I couldn't even grant her a minute "Mom, I don't know if we're going there anymore. Plans have changed. If I do, I'll call you." And as I was getting in my car, a band was playing in my neighbor's front yard. I got really excited because I thought it was Paper Rival, but it was MXDC, and they had already played there before; no big deal.

Rushing, rushing, rushing, I've planned too much in a day. I have guaranteed myself in too many places at once, but somehow I thought I had time and stopped at the shop to get my dad the chocolates. 'The smallest box,' I kept thinking, 'he doesn't need to get any fatter and risk health conditions.' I found one that had a packet of three. I went back and forth between that one and the two pack, but the two pack had more grams. I thought, 'home, work, gym.' And I needed trays. Not any girly, fancy trays... a soap dish? No, I'll get something later. His gift was candles now - strawberry chocolate, almond candles ;)

Ugh, I'm late... Erica is going to be so pissed. She already knows... I am never on time. Twenty minutes late. That's not too bad. I couldn't remember where I was supposed to be, and what we should do, and if we should head back for the show (she'd never want to go hear my kind of music), or if we should scrap plans altogether. I called her "Hey, do you even really feel like eating?" I was starving, but I was so late, that I was hoping she'd just say no. "No, not really. Want to just go shopping?" It was always the answer to everything. I said 'yes' and she was overly excited as usual. Somehow I was too; I'd managed to run around town, late as ever, discombobulated as to what the hell it was I was supposed to be doing, and somehow, it all worked out in the end. Now, if I could just get to that show, you'd be so happy for me.


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