Love is an epidemic

Not going to make it; can't separate patience in the wake of this. Can't, can't keep it. Swallowing, hold it down, gag reflexes rubbing down smooth charcoal walls pumping stomachs, dispersing empty doldrums. I won't. Can't, can't defeat this. Music tearing through skulls like incoherent demons feeding on lost defeats; getting drunk off tears and tearing through ligaments once better suited for keeping up. I've out done myself, and still lost. Every fortified colly string package just lost and forgotten on doorstep, and efforts far beyond many, smashed like heads on pavement, protectionless. Like a cholera epidemic. Two lovers, loveless, tossed to the wolves of watersheds. Disheveled and bound to soaking beds, purging out every little parasitic fault, crawling on spotted skin.

... you're the reason I love losing sleep...


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