I have been without my beloved camera since May (I have also been without my GoPro HD HERO 2, which went first). Needless to say, I've taken on a lot of art projects and been playing a lot of literary catchup.

I purchased the Panasonic Lumix G1 back in 2009 before I moved to Okayama, Japan. It was my first major upgrade into the DSLR world and with plenty of knowledgeable help, had narrowed my choices down to three. I ultimately chose the G1 because I was excited about the micro 4:3 aspect ratio. This meant the camera held a smaller sensor, allowing the camera body to also be smaller and lighter, but with the same umph as most standard DSLRs that use the 3:2 aspect ratio. And as I stated back in 2009, I thought this camera was extremely sexy--I just could not get past its beautiful blue body color.

My lack of experience at the time was over-shadowed by my excitement to make my first decision on such an important element in my life. Unfortunately, me and the Panasonic Lumix G1 never "clicked." The camera was never capable of producing the kind of quality images preferred. Delivering only a step up from the common point-and-shoot, and setting the bar no higher than lower-end DSLRs--how disappointing.

But, alas, this story has a happy ending. This week, I will be receiving the G1's replacement--a camera I have used in the past with much liking, better quality images, video capable, and less hassle. All aspects that coincide well with my lifestyle, i.e. line of work. Reveal in a few days...


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