Happy 40th Earth Day!

... and happy 3rd annual Earth Day that's been celebrated here on my blog.

I almost refuse to buy magazines when passing through airports. Almost, because there was this one time that I did pay the overpriced $6.99 for a Runner's World magazine on my way to Japan. This time, there were no worries about seeking other content, because Delta's Sky Magazine really pulled through. In honor of this year's 40th annual Earth Day, Delta Sky really invested a great deal of time and research into pulling April's edition together. This April's edition featured several interviews from some of the world's leading environmental activists: Jane Goodall, Robert Redford, Shai Agassi, Sylvia Earle. There was also an amazing article on one of the most environmentally diverse, and tightly controlled places in the world, The Galapagos Islands. Which if you click the link above, you can read about all of these remarkable people, places, and more--for yourself.

Below is an environmental fact sheet that I thought most of you would find interesting. Click foto to enlarge.

"... and the earth and its skin will open up and birth out a perfect mirror that makes all our reflections clear."


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