2nd step into adulthood

My first step probably would have had something to do with graduating from college and moving across the world for personal and environmental purposes.  Neither of which produced me a professionally stable career of sorts, but it at least gave me a better understanding of who I am and what are my wants and needs.

My second step into adulthood has something to do with a new financial purchase--buying a new car.  The sensation is both exciting and scary, this being my first adult step into financial debt.  It was a big, but well-thought out decision.  To be in debt is no fun at all, but I believe that with the right financial planning, I can have the car paid off in about a year's time.  I am a big-purchase spender.  I believe in saving most of my money for that one large purchase--that trip to Maui, a new DSLR camera, moving your life to California.  This is what I do.  I save and I dispense; I work and then I reward.  It's just something that works well for me.

Anyway, meet my new 2007 Dodge Caliber.  Not quite brand new, but new enough with only 8,600 miles on it to boot.  It's an R/T model and has nearly everything I have ever wanted in a car, including a manual transmission, premium sound, and sun roof that I won't be able to enjoy much until Spring.

Yeah, I am one happy girl :)


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