Nothing in life is guaranteed. Therefore, love deeply and strongly. Live with great passion and empathy. Take care of others. Value kindness and friendship above anything else.

For Will. May your soul of music be forever heard by the universe. You will be missed.

He sought the laughter of the stars and left
To us a legacy of loveliness and taught us
That the heart of life is in the interplay
Of mind and friendship shared. The world was his
And limitless. In seeking
He gave more than anything he found.
Beneath a springtime sky, where cactus shyly shows
In flower, and grass defies the sun to bind
The desert in its green embrace,
We leave him, to the everlasting grace
Of wild and untamed things and free
That, for his presence timeless,
There will always be
A touch of joy within this tender place

George C. Whitney


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