There Are No Seasons. Just Time.

"To be given a pass to watch all others go is perhaps the most troubling thing. Sometimes, when I wake up I feel like I'm still sleeping. I feel like all other colors and shapes in the world have collided and all I can do is just sit there and watch. A person's heart has a way of turning off when it can't find a reason. I guess that's why nature has always had an aspiring presence. Everything follows a purpose. I guess we're missing something. Why do we struggle to breathe the more righteous breath when we all end up in the same place? I'd like to hope our history is worth remembering; an imprint of careful desire. A feeling of heart felt purpose. And a sense of hope for something bigger than ourselves. Then maybe I'll wake up."

"They assure me that it's not the shape of what lies over the ridge's crest. How can eyes that have seen so much be brought to life by a simple thing? It is as if we have some sort of predestined tempo of destruction. I've decided that I am not looking for one discovery. I am simply hoping we have a history worth remembering."
"I would rather rest on Earth, than up here alone."


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