Another chapter closed

From left to right: Caroline, Betsy, Lauren, Joey, Me, Steph, Craig, Sean, Martha.
Importants not pictured: Zack, Serina, Halley

The FIU Layman Lab chapter has come to a close, along with the end of the 2012-2013 school year. It's been a fairly good ride for most of us. Some of the current students will stay affiliated with the lab in one way or another. Either through continued work in Abaco, Bahamas with independent research or with helping Friend's of the Environment establish their new educational research center.

Betsy will remain at FIU while continuing the last little bit of her work in Abaco. Lauren is graduating and will be moving on to UNC for her post-doc. Joey has graduated with the completion of his undergraduate thesis. He will be graduating next Tuesday, cum laude, and will be attending Portland State in the Fall. Martha has also accomplished her undergraduate thesis with great success and will also be graduating alongside Joey this Tuesday, cum laude. Most of the lab is already in route back to Abaco for most of the summer to wrap up or begin new projects, while Craig, the leader of our lab cuts ties with FIU to establish his new lab at NCSU. Sean and Steph will join Craig and wrap up their doctorate work there.  I wish everyone the very best as they embark on their new journeys.

As for me, I will continue my work at the stable isotope lab in hopes of developing a future project dealing with the anthropogenic effects of synthetic chemicals and their bio accumulation within the environment. I'm also in the process of organizing a few recycling campaigns with the help of FIU's Recreational Center and School of Environment, Arts and Society and remain an avid supporter of education, green urbanization/transportation, and marine coastal conservation in Miami, FL.


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