Camera Buffs, Unite!

Every once in a while I like to give shout outs to companies and products that I really love. Today's boost goes to a company I have blogged about in the past. Meet Photojojo (a link also lives in the lefthand column of this blog). They are a combination of innovative camera gadgets (that are very reasonably priced), along with inspiring photo project ideas and tips for taking better photographs.

The Gadgets

As long as I have known Photojojo they have always been on top of the latest and greatest camera trends. Their gadgets are amazingly avant-garde and may make you feel like quite the modern-day maverick. Here are a few of my personal favorites: bicycle camera mount, rotating 360 degrees time-lapse stand, remote shutter trigger controlled by iPhone/Pad/Touch, telephoto lens adapteriPhone SLR mount, a nifty pocket tripod that uses cable tension to stabilize your shot, or a heavy duty aluminum camera clip for your pack or belt strap. I could go on and on. Find their full store by clicking on the image below.

Projects & Tips

If it's project ideas or camera tips you are looking for their newsletter archive does an amazing job of resolving almost any pesky issue, while fluidly transporting you through a plethora of awe inspiring hyperlink wormholes. You could easily spend hours thumbing through posts about super cool concepts, and people who have taken their ideas to the next level. Again, here's a little taste of a few helpful archives I stumbled upon: how to take better food photos, DIY photo filters, $11 wide-angle lens, taking photos of fireworks.

Are you inspired yet? Check out their complete archive or subscribe to their newsletter here.


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