Happy 42th Earth Day

Come join me this Sunday, April 22, 2012 for our 42nd annual Earth Day for a beach and dive clean-up at Commercial Beach.

Location: Beach at commercial pier and A1A… about 300 yards south of the Pier. (We will be set up right by the entrance on Datura st.)

Directions: Take the 95 to the Commercial exit, head east on Commercial blvd all the way to the beach (over the draw bridge). Turn right on El Mar; this is the very last street before the beach. You will park anywhere here, there is parking all along the road…make sure to feed the meters! Head to the beach via Datura Rd (between 2 apartment buildings) and look for the big Diver’s Direct canopy!

Objective: Clean up our beach and the reef in honor of Earth Day 2012! You will be working with Kathy, Kim and Claire

Special Information:
  • Bags to collect trash for (beach cleaners and divers!) will
    be provided on site
  • We will have a large canopy to set up under, please make sure you sign a waiver upon arrival.
  • Make sure to bring any water, snacks or sunscreen you may need…lunch will be provided at the store after the clean up!
  • We will be watching the weather, unless you hear otherwise there will be no changes to the event

**DIVERS: please set up your gear once you get to the beach (No need to have your wetsuit on yet), a dive plan and briefing will be given once we are all there and set up. If you need a tank please notify the store by Saturday morning. We will transport tanks for you but bring the $5 to the beach with you for the tank rental. We are also requesting if you have a dive flag of your own for shore diving please bring it!

Come join us for LUNCH after the cleanup back at the Ft. Lauderdale/Dania shop!


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