I am an environmentalist...

... and a humanitarian.

These are the two things that I absolutely know about myself. I recycle almost anything that I can lay my grimy hands on (junk mail, envelopes, used post-its and scrap paper, old aluminum foil, running shoes, cell phones, batteries, ink cartridges, books, magazines, etc., etc.), I donate old games, books and toys, clothing, school supplies, money, smiles, and hope. My life revolves around consuming less and conserving more... wait, this blog is beginning to sound oddly familiar.

One thing that has always bothered me about my place of employment is that they have yet to adopt a consistent environmental mentality. The concept is present, and some people fancy the color green, but time-and-time again I find myself pulling plastic bottles from the trash, turning off unused lights, closing the freezer door, and recycling wasted office paper. The amount of waste that goes on in our camp can be unbearable. I like to think I've done a little bit of good--rekindling the dinning hall recycle center and posting signs to remind groups of what can or cannot be thrown into our colorfully painted recycling bins. I don't mind digging through their contents and throwing out obviously non-recyclable objects, such as plates of ham and mashed potatoes, milk cartons, sticky gum, and styrofoam cups. As long as any portion of what goes in there remains recyclable, then I'm a happy camper.

But my medial relationship has come to a close with my environmentally unaware friends. I am conceding to the antagonistic resistance and moving on. Hopefully to somewhere with a much louder voice, and the love to stand beside me in my environmental journey.


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