Happy Halloween!

Halloween is an international holiday, at least in most of the Western world; but here in Japan, Halloween is not as huge a celebration as it is in the states.  The holiday is encouraged mostly by foreigners, and celebrations tend to entirely revolve around this aspect.  Western school teachers or tutors (minus one, ehrm) hand out candy to their students; Japanese youth may throw parties for their foreign friends, or attend parties organized by Western groups.

Tonight we will head out with two American interns from Wright State in their hot pink and black wigs; drink unforeseen amounts of brew and wine; and be on the lookout for 24-hour 711s that sympathetically comply with those aimless Western pleas for one lonely slice of cold pumpkin tart pie, and two plastic forks--both being equally unlikely finds.

Who knows.  Tonight I may even temporarily forget that I need to be on perfect behavior, and raise my voice above 60 dB.  I might even throw my gum wrapper on the ground, or put my plastic water bottle in the "combustibles" recycling bin.  Maybe I'll even go as far as to wear black with brown, or *gasp* bob for apples!  Apples!!!  Oh, the hypocrisy!  I must say.  Those damn Americans, and their ruthless search for "proper" celebration.  I hope you're having a better time at home.


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