Foot Fetish

I'm starting this new photo project today, where I will be taking a picture of my feet, standing somewhere new everyday, and then incorporating them into an album or a flipbook. I got this idea from Photojojo, which is one of a few photo websites I'm subscribed to, that I find really useful and inspiring.

I know, you're thinking, feet... feet? Yeah, but they are MY feet, and my feet are great! Besides... my first ever pedicure is about to wear off, and I don't plan on getting another one until I graduate with another degree in "awesome."  Ok... that's a lie; I'm going back after I return from the lake for one more dose of TLC. Imagine the possibilities of these photo compositions though, aside from black toenail polish--the limitless amounts of surrounding textures, colors, contrasts, balances. I think this is going to be a really exciting project.

Below you will find my first. I haven't decided if I want to take one everyday for 30 days, or if I just want to take them when something significant happens. Check back, I'll keep you posted.


Danielle Runs said…
Kim that's such an awesome idea!!! I will start doing that too... not everyday, but when i travel!

love your blog, and i've only begun reading :)
Kimbrolynn said…
Thanks Danielle! It's been a lot of fun doing it, though sometimes I think it's totally retarded, but I keep getting these clever ideas.

I hope things are going great down your way in sunny FL!
er!ca said…
Are you still doing this?? I think I may start. But maybe not with feet. Maybe hands. I like my hands. Or, maybe with people taking pictures. I saw this article about this guy who only takes pictures of other people taking pictures. Strange.....but pretty interesting. Or maybe people react and interact. But that one may be a little difficult. Plus, I don't really see many animals just roaming around. How about people dancing?? That could be fun....but maybe people would get the wrong idea and think that I'm a perverted freak. Oh!!! Babies!! They're cute! And, it's natural to take pictures of babies, right??? Ok, maybe not. And kinda like the whole animal thing, it's not often that I see babies wondering around. Ok....enough rambling. I'll get back to you on this.
Kimbrolynn said…
Jeebus, that was a lot of excitement.

Yes, I am still doing it. I just posted a new photo last Friday.

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