A Day in the Park

I took some time yesterday to go to a place that is near and dear to my heart. It was Sunday, September 2, 2007, a gorgeous day with perfect weather. Not too hot, not cool, beautiful blue sky and a calm breeze to take care of the rest. I wasn't the only one out enjoying it by any means. In fact, just about everybody in Yellow Springs was out walking the streets or enjoying lunch, or partaking in afternoon chitchat about what exciting events shall occur the eve of a holiday off. It's always exciting to have a day off, though I myself have struggled with so much free time. Gratefully though, it has given me two opportunites to visit my cherished rock wall, and my now special haven, sacred even, sharred with someone who shares my entire world.

I arrived to the park, driving through winding curves to a destination far at the hilt of a place that seems so simple and plain. You would never have thought a park like this holds so many special and enchanting treasures. To someday be explored by me and mine when that opportunity arises. As I drove, people were everywhere picnicking, tossing footballs, frisbies, lounging in lawn chairs, walking hand-in-hand, kissing affectionately, hand on teardrop back soothingly... longing. I had thought people didn't go to parks anymore. I was shocked... dumbfounded. I suppose when you grow up, you don't think about what other families are doing with their young ones. You think that days in the park were over with as soon as you hit jr. high. I feel silly for being so naive. It was comforting to say the least. To be verified that families still love spending time with each other, that children get to enjoy swings, that dads are still teaching their kids the names of trees. I tell myself that this happens everywhere, but Yellow Springs really is a special place. I've never seen so many families occupying every single picnic table, and if you know this place, there are an awful lot of picnic tables. Before I thought there was even a ridiculous amount of them. I was wrong. I was wrong about a lot of things -- that people don't appreciate nature, that John Bryan park was a lost memory enjoyed by the few, that people still go on picnics, that children still love to play outside, that older couples still flirt like they were young, that love like mine (ours) exists, seemingly only in this place I hold dear, within other couples still so madly in love with each other it makes your heart bleed.

Just when I think there are no more good things left in the world to appreciate and grow from... how I have a way of stumbling into these magical places. How I wish he was there... you were there. "I won't ever let you fall; ever let anything happen to you." I believe.


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